Presenter - Attorney Fang Liu's Bio


Shortly after graduating from St. Joseph College in 2009, Fang began working as a paralegal for The Kasen Law Firm, PLLC, and quickly advanced to the position of office manager, supervising more than twenty (20) employees, inclusive of attorneys, paralegals and other support staff.  In 2015, she began pursuing her dream of becoming an attorney when admitted to the Touro College Fuchsberg Law Center as a first-year law student.  During this time, she continued to work full-time as an office manager at The Kasen Law Firm, PLLC and delved deeper into the subject areas of immigration law and criminal law, finally securing her law degree in 2019.

Fang is the member and managing attorney of The Kasen Law Firm, PLLC. During the last decade working at The Kasen Law Firm, PLLC, she has served thousands of clients successfully.

Fang is specialized in Real Estate Law and Criminal Law, and is expert in handling complicated immigration cases.

About Kasen Law Firm PLLC

Over 40 years ago, the founding member, Lawrence M. Kasen, began practicing law to help individual Native Americans and tribes ply their way through the ever-complex field of Indian law and natural resources law to combat state and local governments and private enterprises seeking to infringe on tribal and individual Native American’s rights. He then went to work for boutique law firms to thwart large companies from stepping on the rights of individuals. Almost thirty years ago, Mr. Kasen formed his own law firm in Miami, Florida, eventually relocating to Charleston, South Carolina, which now boasts a second office in Flushing, New York, to defend and protect the rights and interests of its diverse U.S.-based and international clients. With the assistance of his law partner, Fang Liu, and many other associate attorneys, and a large supporting staff, The Kasen Law Firm, PLLC is proud to offer legal services in the practice areas of immigration law, criminal law, civil litigation, real estate law and landlord-tenant law.

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Education Consultant - Jeffrey Chen

A graduate of Yale College (B.A. in Economics and American Studies), Mr. Jeffrey Chen has over 20 years of experience working in the educational, not-for-profit, and consulting industries. A recognized executive leader in the field of education, Mr. Chen’s expertise includes specialized educational preparatory services in helping students with successfully navigating the admission process of the most competitive US schools.

Mr. Chen is currently CEO of Ivy Peak, a global consulting firm in education, and a Senior Consultant for the Neng Wang for Flushing City Council campaign. 

Mr. Chen was previously Dean at City University of New York/QCC where he managed the Continuing Education and Workforce Development department, and developed extensive knowledge of the inner workings within institutions of higher learning.